Unlock the Soul of Blues Guitar: Your Ultimate Online Mastery Academy

Discover the GUITARlab! 1000+ hours of high-level training to transform your Blues playing from zero to pro.

Try it today at an exclusive price!

Unlock the Soul of Blues Guitar: Your Ultimate Online Mastery Academy

Discover the GUITARlab! 1000+ hours of high-level training to transform your Blues playing from zero to pro.

Try it today at an exclusive price!

Welcome to the GUITARlab family!

What is the GUITARlab®

is the platform where you can transform the way you play the Blues

You will be part of a family that has a great passion: expressing yourself with the guitar. You will be impressed by the transformation you will achieve by actively participating in this incredible program.

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Courses, masterclasses, video-lessons

Inside the GUITARlab...

Courses and Masterclasses for all levels. Whether you want to become a professional or play just for fun, inside GUITARlab you will find everything you need to improve your technique and how you feel the music.

Modern Blues Licks Collection

18 Modern Blues phrasings to expand your vocabulary!
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Presets for TONEX – Get the right sound to start playing blues now! (value $100+)

These captures are based on the Two Rock Traditional Clean Combo 50w 1×15. The bass is round and controlled, while the mids are “scooped,” resulting in a clean tone that will leave you speechless. The microphones used are the Shure SM7B and the Sehenneiser E609, while external equipment includes the Neve 1073 and the Pultec 1A Legacy.
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Live Masterclasses

Collection of all past live masterclasses
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Scale Concepts for Modern Blues Guitar

Everything you need to know to play Modern Blues with the right feel!
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Let’s Jam!

Have fun and learn to play with others with the right improvisational approach
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Blues Jam Tracks Library

“Blues Jam Tracks Library” is a collection of backing tracks from different styles of the blues played by real musicians, providing an engaging experience for guitarists of all levels to improve technique, rhythm sense and improvisational skills. Students have the opportunity to have fun with their guitar, exploring various styles of the blues and improving their creativity.
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Blues Fundamentals

Learn the basics of Blues to play in a new, interesting, modern way.
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The GUITARlab community, the first Online Academy in Italy dedicated to teaching modern blues guitar.
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Guitar Solo Arrangements

The “Guitar Solo Arrangements” course on GUITARlab by Davide Pannozzo helps guitarists create complex arrangements for famous songs played on solo guitar. The course offers techniques, finger positions and fingerpicking to get the best sound possible, with analysis of songs such as “Higher Ground” and “When” and transcriptions available.
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Blues Start

The Blues guitar method if you have little (or no) experience!
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The Blues Guitar Tone

Build your own sound and your first professional pedalboard
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Promotional Videos Transcripts

Interactive, downloadable transcripts of promotional videos used on social media
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Mastering The Blues Rhythm Guitar

Improve your accompaniment and chord knowledge on Modern Blues.
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Lick Library

Lick library to be implemented in your playing
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Rock Blues Standards Soloing

Learn the right language for playing Rock Blues.
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Jazz Blues Standards Soloing

Build your repertoire in 12 Video Lessons with Solo Transcriptions and Analysis.
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The benefits of guitarlab

It is not just an online course

Access on all devices

Access anywhere, 24/7.

GUITARlab® Certificate

Receive a certificate upon completion of the courses.

Participation in the 2023 campus

Four days of blues, fun, and jam sessions.

Individual support on Telegram

Davide is by your side to help you grow.

Monthly Masterclasses

Focus on every aspect of the technique.

PRO Masterclass

Held by world-renowned Blues artists.

Study groups

Study along with others and have fun.

Little time, maximum yield

It only takes 20 minutes a day to grow.

Community with other students

Meet people who love the Blues as you do.

meet the Maestro

Davide Pannozzo

Davide Pannozzo is one of the most emerging figures of modern blues on the international scene. Living in the US for many years, he is one of the few Italian blues guitarists who can boast of stable collaborations with top American musicians.

Davide is the founder of GUITARlab, the first Online Academy in Italy dedicated to blues guitar education with hundreds of students worldwide.

Course: Mastering The Blues Rhythm Guitar | Lesson: New Orleans Funk / Chap 3
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some student testimonies

"GUITARlab reignited my passion for the blues after 30 years."

GUITARLab is undoubtedly one of the most innovative ways to learn modern blues guitar.
GUITARlab is undoubtedly one of the most innovative ways to learn modern blues guitar. You have a lot of material to study and, most importantly, direct contact with one of the best modern blues guitarists around, Davide Pannozzo. By signing up you will also have access to a very active community where you can compare yourself with other guitarists and discuss everything revolving around the guitar. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced, this is the right place!
Since I started the course I have been able to improve my playing and have more awareness in everything I do on the guitar "which is no small thing."
The courses are well organized and full of very stimulating lessons. Since I started the course I have managed to improve my playing and have more awareness in everything I do on the guitar “which is not a small thing.” But the real difference is made by Davide. Besides being very knowledgeable he is also a very polite, helpful, and present person.
Within a few months, I focused on things that over the years represented big gaps
Davide Pannozzo is a very knowledgeable professional and definitely one of the best guitar teachers I have ever met! Personally, I am lucky enough to also do individual lessons with him (one to one) and within a few months, I have focused on things that over the years represented big gaps that I could not get rid of…one step at a time I am achieving all my guitar goals!
The only one in Italy who can teach you the modern blues
I found the courses within the GUITARlab really well structured, no aspect is left to chance, and then from the masterclasses, there is a lot to learn, with interesting insights into what has already been touched on in the courses….really an added value!!! Licks, phrasing, detailed explanations, and tips on how to improve different aspects of playing are always at your fingertips. Feedback is always incredible and you can agree with your teacher on the path best suited to your needs….great David!!!
You will be amazed at David's great teaching skills and abilities! 
On the fact that Davide is a great musician/guitarist, we all agree, just listen to his records (and if you have not done it already, do it immediately ). What you may miss perhaps is the greatness of this GUITARlab. I am not talking exclusively about the material and courses on the portal, but about Davide’s great ability to recognize your potential and guide you step by step to bring out the best in you and your instrument. You will be amazed at Davide’s great gifts and skills in teaching! He’s a real deal!!
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Other online courses

the most anticipated event

GUITARlab Campus 2024

4-day campus in Puglia – Italy with GUITARlab members from all over Italy… lessons, workshops, jam sessions, practice sessions, and much more, to spend 4 days on blues guitar and having fun.

Stay tuned!

Watch the video of GUITARlab Campus 2022


With worldwide-famous guests from the blues world

Nov 2021 - Oz Noy
Feb 2022 - Matt Schofield
Dec 10th, 2022 - Scott Henderson  

Jan 2023 - Carl Verheyen

Sept 2023 - Ariel Posen
April 2024 - Greg Koch
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At the end of each course, you will get a diploma that you can download and print, and that will testify to your participation and completion of the course.

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Davide Pannozzo, founder of guitarlab

"You can count on my support, always!"

I created my GUITARlab© Academy to give everyone access to the information they need to improve their Blues playing.

In my life I have had the opportunity to play at the best Blues festivals in the world and to collaborate with international musicians such as Steve Jordan, Robben Ford, Josh Smith, Matt Schofield, Oz Noy.

I put all my experience into my classes and look forward to helping you on a path of musical growth that, you will see, will take you where you didn’t even think you could go.

The road is long and winding, but if tackled together with perseverance and dedication, it will become a fascinating journey full of new discoveries.

Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in yourself and touch what hundreds of students have already applied in their playing.

See you on the other side!
All the best,

Frequently asked questions

Is something still unclear?

Immediately after signing up, you will receive an email asking about your current goals and difficulties. From there, I will advise you on the first steps you can take to start working immediately on all aspects of your playing (Technique, Harmony, Scales, Phrasing, Repertoire, etc.).

You have to think about GUITARlab as a kind of Netflix: a set of courses divided by topic and level that allow you to work on all aspects of your playing; from Technique to Harmony, to Comping, Phrasing and Repertoire.

With the GUITARlab subscription you have access to all the educational programs on the portal plus exclusive columns available only on this type of subscription (Lick Library, Guitar Solo Arrangements, Jam Track Library) and the now unmissable live Masterclasses on the private facebook group every 3 weeks with Davide Pannozzo.

You will have access to all content as long as your subscription is active.

Single courses, on the other hand, cover a specific topic and once purchased remain yours for life.

You can always write to us through the chat you find on the site (click on the button at the bottom right) or email us at staff@davidepannozzo.com.

GUITARlab subscription is always automatically renewed. It automatically renews every 30 days from the day of enrollment. This means that each month the subscription installment will be taken directly from the payment method you indicated during purchase.

All payments are processed by the platform that hosts GUITARlab, namely Kajabi.

GUITARlab has no expiration date! As long as you are enrolled, you can take advantage of all the courses on the platform.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Just log in to your profile from the restricted “billing” area and cancel your subscription.

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